Digital Domain helps Ender’s Game (the movie) become a reality after 28 years.

By October 31, 2013Movies

Tomorrow it hit’s theaters.  I remember reading the book when I was 16 thinking: OMG! This needs to be made into a movie!

Thanks to the hard working artist over at Digital Domain for helping to make it happen.

Here’s an inside look at the Visual Effects that help tell this amazing story.

August-1977-issue-of-Analog-magazine1985-enders-gameEnder’s Game made its first appearance as a short story in 1977, then was written as a novel 8 years later in 1985.

Can’t wait to see this movie. It may not be exactly as I would imagine the story, but I’m ok with that. The story is great. That’s enough for me. I even already know the ending, and I still want to see it.

Many will hate it. Many will love it.

If you’ve read the book, keep in mind before you watch this movie, that reading a book is a much more creative process than watching a movie.

Books don’t show you every detail. They relay on the reader for the details. So the reader creates the space suit Ender wears in the book. The book says something and you, the reader , create the whole thing in your head. A “beautiful sunset” in the pages of a book is viewed differently by everyone.

Watching a movie involves spectating and problem solving and guessing a plot.

So keep that in mind.

That’s as far as you create with watching a movie. You get to admire someone else’s vision/creation of the story -or not

You are going to see someone else’s view of the story. Your’s going to see their creation of it. It will not totally match yours.

If you expect the movie to match what you envisioned, you are setting yourself up for a loss. You’ll hate it.

The large majority of people who see movies after reading the book, don’t like the movie for that reason. The few who do like the movie, often say that it was as they imagined the book.

I think regardless of the way things look and how the characters act, the story CAN be butchered by the movie if it’s told badly. Bad storytelling can give a good story a bad name. Hopefully, this script has all the main important elements in it to get the story told, and it hasn’t been butchered for the sake of time or what some executive thinks will be appealing.

The goal of a movie should be to tell a story first and foremost. If the director can instill the feelings and emotions you had when you read the book, regardless of the way things look, then he’s amazing. He did his job.

That’s what were in this business for.
We tell stories.
We make people feel things and experience emotions.
Looks and VFX help tell the story.
That’s what really matters.

UPDATE: 11/1/2013

Loved the film.  Gavin hood did a fantastic job telling the story.  All the key scenes in the book were present.

Well done to Gavin hood for an excellent screenplay and excellent direction.  My hat is off to you sir.